The 5 beauty items you need to fake being wide awake

The 5 beauty items you need to fake being wide awake

Like most – actually, wait, make that “all” – women, I have an issue with tiredness in the morning. When I say “issue” and “tiredness”, I of course mean “life-affecting exhaustion where falling asleep at a red light is highly likely”. No, I don’t have any kids and I may only be 25 (please hold the scoffs) but I do struggle with a sleep disorder that is way more than “noooo-can’t-I-just-sleep-an-extra-5-minutes” and requires regular upkeep of concealing dark circles, brightening skin and widening tired eyes.

Because of this, I’m always experimenting ways to fake being awake so I can look like those dewy-skinned girls where the space under their eyes are the same as their cheeks. I hate those girls. Can you relate? If yes, read on, and if not, WHAT’S YOUR DAMN SECRET? Be a sister and share it below.

My 5 beauty items you need to fake being wide awake are….


Every woman has that “thing” they don’t like about their face. Mine is my under-eye circles, so I’m pretty experienced in concealing them (if you missed my blog dedicated to the topic, click to it below). As the skin under our eyes is so delicate, you want to avoid anything too heavy, like your regular creamy concealer. Go for a lightweight highlighter pen specifically for under the eyes instead. When applying it, try not to “drag”, but pat it on instead. And my biggest tip? Don’t overdo it! Use the tiniest amount, and build up if you need to. Too much actually makes it worse.

Try: Models Prefer Eye Brightener, available at Priceline $12.99. – It’s light yet very effective!

The 5 beauty items you need to fake being wide awake




A bold lipstick can lift a face better than a nanna nap, and won’t fill you with regret for sleeping the afternoon away. Even if you only have 5 minutes to get ready, a swipe of lippy can be the statement to your face, wake you up and take the focus off the er, other areas… If you don’t think you can pull off red, think again! It’s all about finding the right shade for your skin and hair colour. A few months back I met up with Kate Squires of Napoleon Perdis for some tips. Match your colour HERE.

Try: Napoleon Perdis ‘Xenia’ lipstick $35 (buy online HERE). – Matte, long-lasting and the perfect pop of colour. Ideal.

The 5 beauty items you need to fake being wide awake






No, it’s not a throwback to the 80′s – please do not apply on your lash line! The white eye pencil is to be applied on the inner rim of your eye, and I swear it will immediately open your eyes! Pull down your lower lid (keeping in mind the skin is delicate so best to do before the under-eye concealer) and apply lightly, ensuring its not too heavy or obvious. If white is too stark, mix together white gel eyeliner (try Inglot) and a little foundation and use that instead. This is one of those items you can scrimp on too - you can usually get one for a fiver!

Try: BYS Automatic Eye Pencil in Soft White, available at The Reject Shop $3. – Entirely necessary, but won’t break the bank.

The 5 beauty items to fake being wide awake





Ah, illuminator. I’ve only known you for a short time, but now I could not imagine my life without you. Have you met illuminator yet? It’s an instant pick-me-up that will have you giving off a radiant (and rested) glow all day. Available in liquid, cream or powder, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and beauty regime. If you’re like me and wear a liquid foundation, mix in a couple of drops of illuminator before applying the mixture with a foundation brush. Use the cream in a “boomerang” shape on each side of your face to capture your brow and cheek bones, but only wear it if you’re not doing a powder. If you do a powder base, wipe the illumiator along the same spots like an eyeshadow.

Try: Inglot AMC Face & Body Illuminator in 66 $27. – Available in heaps of colours. If you’re fair, go for the light creamy colours, or if you’re tan or olive, choose the bronze tones.

The 5 beauty items you need to fake being wide awake






Or eyeshadow along with an angled brush… Whichever you prefer really. The point is, brows frame your face. When they are strong and groomed, you look awake, pulled together and as though you had enough time in the morning to do your makeup, watch some TV and have breakfast. Pffft, if only! To apply, use a dry mascara brush to shape your brows, then take your chosen weapon in a shade lighter than your brows and fill them in, concentrating on the very start to make them look au naturale and the very end to draw out into a neat point.

Try: Prestige Browliner in Blonde, available at Priceline $11.50. - One of my favourite beauty tools of all time, and so cheap!

The 5 beauty items you need to fake being awake




Are you an expert at being tired?! If you have tip, product or even a question about beating fatigue with beauty, comment below! It might feature on the Westfield Facebook page with your name!

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