Whitney Port opens Magnum Sydney Pleasure Store

I’m not sure which one I like better – Whitney Port’s wardrobe or an ice-cold Magnum – but either way, I’m liking this combo! On Wednesday night, Whitney descended on Westfield Sydney to open the brand new Magnum Pleasure Store – and it was no ordinary event.

Guests were treated to a ‘Make My Magnum’ party, where they were invited to coat their own Magnum with fruit, biscuits and other yummy toppings before naming it, and sharing it on Facebook for their green-eyed friends,  then downing it in a single bite. Is your mouth watering yet?

If so, great news. The Magnum Sydney Pleasure Store is open until 25 August. A chocolate Magnum with honeycomb pieces, coconut flakes and popping candy has your name all over it!

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