Day to night: Your comfiest trackies & plainest white tee

Day to night: Your comfiest trackies & plainest white tee

Recently, during an interview with the “Style” section of a local paper, a journalist asked me if I ever slob around the house in nothing more than a pair of trackies. Although I would love to appear perfectly groomed at all times, the reality is that before the poor woman could finish her question, I was scaring her with details of pyjamas while working, unbrushed hair and one zebra-print dressing gown… And I won’t apologise for it, dammit!

Let’s face it – we all have days when we would rather sacrifice breakfast or makeup for an extra 15 minutes of sleep, followed by wearing our trackies and comfiest t-shirt all day (I’m not gonna lie – I’ve been known to sleep in this one on many occasions). So for those days, here’s how to get away with it for both day or night, just by changing up your jacket, shoes and accessories.*

The rules
1. To dress them up or down, choose accessories that are traditionally quite casual or dressy, like denim or red lipstick.
2. The pants are quite baggy around the top, so keep your top half quite structured.
3. Experiment with the waistband. Not loving the low-rise, harem pant look? Pull them higher for  fitted-all-over pant.

I’ve used: Sportsgirl Flash Dance Trackpant $49.95, Target tee in white $10 & assorted jewellery from Lovisa


Day to night: Trackies and a white tee

Day to night: Trackies and a white tee

Just Jeans denim jacket $89.95, Jeanswest scarf $24.99, Converse sneakers from General Pants Co. $90


 Dressy 1 Day to night: Trackies and a white tee

Bardot blazer $40, Sussan necklace $29.95, Novo ‘Morgan’ heel $79.95

Would you wear “stylish trackies” or are they a no-go zone for you? Tell me why below!

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*It’s highly likely you will check your bottom half several times throughout the day just to make sure that – during your exhausted state this morning – you didn’t actually forget to put your pants on. They really are that comfortable. You have been warned.

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