The capsule wardrobe: Top 10 fashion items you need this summer

The capsule wardrobe: Top 10 fashion items you need this summer

Picture this: you’ve been invited for a rare night out – hoorah! Now you’re standing in a towel with a mere 30 minutes to get ready…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR?

Maybe your wardrobe is so full that you need to use your whole body weight to push the hangers aside, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything in it. Your innate love of clothes and accessories is not only killing your credit card, but also your ability to throw together a decent outfit. You have too many options, you’re overwhelmed.

Start with a “capsule wardrobe”, a small wardrobe of 24 items or less that you can live off for every occasion, by creating different combinations. Sound impossible? If you don’t believe me, feel free to return to crying in your pile of clothes on the floor, but if you’d like to save money, reduce effort and dress for your body shape and personal style, please continue…

Here they are: the top 10 fashion items you need this summer.


Country Road Roll Up Seersucker Shirt $99.95
Jeanswest Camille Print Short $39.99
Sussan Loren Sunglasses $34.95
Sheike Solitude Dress $119.95
Glue Store Nobody Beau Boyfriend Jeans $229
David Jones Wish Grace Tank $89.95
Bardot Washed Denim Jacket $99.95
SABA Snake Print Wrap Skirt $189
SABA Blair Jacket $329
Mimco Amazonia Hip Bag $249

Pick up these 10 items in your body shape and because they interchange easily, you can create a multitude of outfits for work, weekend and play. For example, pair the printed shorts with the denim jacket for a casual weekend look (reach for the blazer if you want something more polished), while the skirt and tank combo are perfect for work and the dress for dinner. Now you’re done!



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