The one thing EVERY woman should have in her wardrobe

The one thing EVERY woman should have in her wardrobe

Dear Ponte fabric,

As I sit here in your snuggly leggings, I’m reminiscent of my oldest friend – the pyjama pant. I mean, surely an item that is bordering on almost-too-comfortable-to-wear-in-public can only be found in the loungewear section and should strictly be worn while slobbishly laying on the couch watching rom-coms and eating Nutella directly from the jar?
The thing is, I didn’t find you in the loungewear section, nor did I pick you up in the underwear or gym wear departments. In fact, I found you in most of my favourite fashion stores like Witchery, Sussan, Country Road, Portmans, Katies and Bardot – masquerading as regular leggings, pants, jackets and dresses.

But it’s not only your comfort that has me reaching for you in my wardrobe 6 days out of 7; it’s also your support. You’re a little like Spanx - sucking me in and smoothing me out - except you don’t have me in a toilet cubicle at the most inopportune of times (like in the middle of my sister’s wedding), with my dress around my head trying to peel them off my body because I’m having breathing difficulties and my organs are being squeezed in a way organs really shouldn’t be squeezed. The waistband on your leggings is just a whole other story. Somehow, it sits right over my belly, giving the illusion that I share a trainer with Gwen Stafani and do 500 sit-ups a day before bed, when in reality my favourite food is carbs. All of them.

You’re also thicker and more durable than your cousins, jersey and cotton, due to your extremely high elastane content. No need for slaving over the laundry tub delicating soaking you – you’re tougher than that. I can throw you in the machine (sans washbag!) and be wearing you just as I did the day before, with no evidence of pilling or wear even months down the track.

Finally, you’re not only nice to the curves, but you’re easy on the purse too. Sticking around the $50 mark and rarely going over $100, you understand us. You understand that we have bills to pay and families to feed, and you understand that we really want that pair of suede loafers we saw in Wittner on Saturday.

Every woman should own you, in every style, and on behalf of the female population – I thank you.

Never leave us?

Your biggest fan,

Alyce X
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